Bryn Haworth – The Gap – 1982

This was Bryn’s 5th album but only his second to be released in North America. This album was in some way facilitated by Larry Norman but I have no idea what the arrangement was between him and Star Song and I can’t find any details on it. The album did well in all markets due in part to the quality of the backup band which was introduced as the “The Eric Clapton Band”. In reality the musicians had all played with Eric Clapton, but I think it was a bit of a stretch to call them the Eric Clapton Band. That said, they are a fantastic backup band and this album is fantastic and it ranks as one of my top 10 80’s CCM albums.

1 – The Gap – 4:54
2 – Egypt – 3:59
3 – I Can Do Things – 2:51
4 – New World Coming – 3:02
5 – It Would Have Been Me – 4:21
6 – Power Of The Holy Spirit – 2:51
7 – More Of You – 3:51
8 – New Jerusalem – 5:19
9 – No Time – 2:39
10 – Send Down The Rain – 4:53

Bass, Mandocello – Dave Markee
Design [Sleeve] – Phil Thomson
Drums – Henry Spinetti
Engineer – Paul Cobbold
Keyboards – Chris Stainton
Percussion – Bruce Rowland
Producer – Bryn Haworth, Dave Markee
Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Harp [Harpolek] – Bryn Haworth

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Chapel Lane Studios
Distributed By – Word

20/20 Vision – In The Town/In The City – 1982

I was completely unable to find out any information on this 5 piece band out of the U.K. They self produced and released this album in 1982 and it appears they have a few fans out there as I actually had a request for it on our YouTube channel. None of the band appear to have gone on to do anything else except for keyboardist Steve Preston who did appear on a 1992 Rob Newey album. The album is mainly rock ballads which is a bit different as most albums have 1 or 2 Rock ballads but this album has several. The track “The Dealer” shows some real talent from these guys with some smokin guitar work.

1 – In The Town/In The City – 2:43
2 – Come Praise – 4:45
3 – The Darkest Night – 3:20
4 – Galilee – 4:26
5 – He´s Alive – 3:12
6 – The Dealer – 4:05
7 – Jehovah – 3:45
8 – Living´s Easy – 4:00
9 – I Thank You Lord – 5:12

Bass – David Lewis
Drums, Backing Vocals, Concept By [Cover] – Andrew Shortman
Guitar – Gerwin Howley
Keyboards – Steve Preston
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Denvyl Lewis
Mixed By – Mike Newbourn
Producer, Mixed By – 20/20 Vision

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – ICC Studios
Copyright (c) – Daybreak Music Ltd

Jay Beech – The Death of the Stickman – 1982

This is the first of 2 albums from Jay. The cover is fantastic but has no relation to the album. This was a rather odd album for me. I just told the other person here at Real 80’s CCM I didn’t like it. So I sat down to do a review for the album and upon listening to it for probably the 3rd time it actually started growing on me. In fact strangely I think I actually really like it now. I’m actually going to have a difficult time describing it. It’s somewhat jazzy but at times has a 70’s sound. You’re going to have to listen to it yourself because I can’t quite describe what I’m hearing. Do not prejudge this album by the cover, you will be disappointed. Give it a listen with an open mind and let me know how it felt to you.

1 – I’m All Right – 3:58
2 – Anchor Of My Soul – 4:02
3 – It Is Not Me – 3:37
4 – For Real – 3:40
5 – Forgiveness – 3:33
6 – God-Man – 4:20
7 – Watching The Sky – 3:57
8 – Broken People – 5:54
9 – Faith – 4:10
10 – Black & White – 2:37

Jay Beech – Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Curt Bartlett – Guitar
Don Harris – Bass
Doug Dimmel – Drums
Mark Isackson – Sax, Flute
Bill Busch – Keyboards
Amy Swartzendruber – Background Vocals
Lyndon Bartell – Background Vocals, Engineer
Steve Peterson – Engineer

Mike Warnke – Higher Education – 1982

The humour continues as Mike is joined by his wife, at the time, for his 6th album.

It should be noted that Warnke was revealed as a liar and fraudster in 1991 by Cornerstone magazine. This recording is offered as a historic record of what was being listened to in the Christian community in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Art Direction – McConnell Graphics
Engineer – Carl Frost
Engineer [Second] – Eric Tarleton
Mastered By – Glenn Meadows
Photography By – Mark Tucker
Producer – Neal Joseph

Companies, etc.
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co.
Mastered At – Masterfonics

Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart – Brand New Start – 1982

While Mylon grew up playing Gospel music in his family band he decided to go the secular music route. He had some success in the 70’s and became well known in the industry. With that success came a somewhat rougher lifestyle than Mylon was familiar with. In 1980 Mylon came back into the fold after attending a Second Chapter of Acts concert. He actually became a janitor at his church in Atlanta, Mt. Paran Church of God. Nothing like a bit of humbling to move you to a stronger relationship with God. Mylon contacted Degarmo & Key as he wanted to enter the CCM industry and subsequently did some writing and sang backup on their “This Ain’t Hollywood” album. In turn Degarmo & Key stepped up to help Mylon with this album. Interestingly the band was assembled from his bible study group at his church and in 1982 this album appeared on the market. Now I do have to make bit of a disclaimer. If you are familiar with MYlon’s work later in the 80’s this album is going to be a little different. While it is well written and played it leans far more Easy Listening than his later work. So if you don’t care about that sit down and give the album a listen and hear where it all started over for Mylon.

1 – Stranger To Danger – 4:46
2 – Child Of The Father – 3:33
3 – You Comfort Me – 2:47
4 – Waitin’ On Heaven – 3:25
5 – Broken Heart – 4:30
6 – The Light – 3:58
7 – Our Desire – 3:35
8 – To Be Real – 3:03
9 – Inner Mission/A Brand New Start – 5:03

Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jack Holder
Backing Vocals – Debbie Cathey, Jimi Jamison
Drums – John Hampton
Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion – Joe Hardy
Engineer – Joe Hardy
Guitar – Mike Adams
Lead Guitar, Classical Guitar, Resonator Guitar [Dobro], Congas – Dean Harrington
Mastered By – Larry Nix
Organ, Synthesizer – Ed DeGarmo
Piano, Keyboards [Rhodes], Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Stan Coates
Producer – Dean Harrington, Joe Hardy, Mylon LeFevre
Saxophone – Andrew Love
Trombone – Ben Cauley
Trumpet – Jack Hale
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Phil Driscoll (tracks: B2)
Vocals – Mylon LeFevre

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Ardent Studios
Recorded At – Axis Sound Studio
Recorded At – Mastersound Studios, Atlanta
Mastered At – Ardent Mastering

Ben Antell Band – Waters – 1982

Ben Antell Put together this Finnish band in 1980 and they set to learning and rehearsing several songs Ben had written. In 1981 they went into Rexi studio where they recorded this album. As they were paying for the studio time they kept it to two days but this meant that many songs had to be completely recorded “Live”. The album “Waters” was subsequently released in Sweden, Finland, and Canada. Unfortunately the studio burnt down so the only remaining copy of the studio recording was on 1/4 inch tape. They were able to remix it as best they could do and it has been re-released on Spotify and other locations. I would describe it as having a late 70’s sound with very strong lead guitars. This was all we got from them apart from a 2006 release but it’s worth taking the time to listen to.

1 – You’re So Real – 3:50
2 – Au 24 – 3:18
3 – Nardus Op2 – 7:42
4 – Waters – 6:39
5 – Quo – 4:31
6 – Always One – 4:38
7 – The Calling Of The Night-Bird – 7:21
8 – Mountain “I Am” – 6:04

Mikko Rintanen – Keyboards
Sixten Sandvik – Drums / Percussion
Henrik Berg – Bass
Heikki Koivisto – Lead Guitar
Ben Antell – Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Gideon’s Army – Rock & Roll For Your Soul – 1982

San Francisco Bay Area’s Gideon’s Army got their start ministering in the prison system both juvenile and adult throughout California. After many years they finally put out this album in 1982. The album was released on Santa Ana’s Calvary Chapel’s own label “Asaph Records”. This was the second album on the label and as such was not well promoted or known outside of the local California area. Later this label would actually get much better known but in 1982 it was barely known. The band have a strong Late 70’s Southern Rock sound that I think was rather unique for the CCM market. One of the other strange things about the album is the length of some of the songs. There are 4 tracks over the 5 minute mark which was a little more common in the mid 70’s. Because of this the album is limited to only 8 tracks. This album is very unique and you should give it a listen if not just for the historical sound of it.

1 – Light – 6:17
2 – Dream – 4:28
3 – Lift Your Heart – 4:33
4 – What Is Love – 7:12
5 – Better Days – 6:35
6 – On The Move – 3:39
7 – New Man – 6:32
8 – Can You Still Turn Away? – 4:41

Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Rob Carey
Backing Vocals – Ron Davis
Drums, Lead Vocals – Jerry Anderson
Lead Guitar – Dave Angeles
Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Mike Banke
Lead Vocals, Bass – Mark Greves
Organ, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Doug Naruo
Percussion – Tom Long
Trumpet – Jim Gabel, Rob Brockman

Mark Heard – Victims of the Age – 1982

I do not cry very often. I will cry in a movie before I cry about things in my own life. I have only cried once at a funeral, but never have I cried when hearing about the death of someone I did not know extremely well. Except on August 17th 1992 when I had learned of the death the previous day of Christian artist Mark Heard. And I don’t know why… Perhaps I was so moved by his music and felt such a connection to it that his death simply moved me. Or I have considered I was familiar enough with the story of his life and trials and struggles he endured for his art that I felt an empathy previously unknown. Sometime I believe it is because I realized the world lost a beautiful soul, a loving man and brilliant artist…and the world didn’t even know it. That is the great shame of the life and death of Mark Heard. It is a shame that most of the world had no idea who the man was and what an amazing collection of art he had created in his 20 years as a musician, poet, producer and performer. “Victims of the Age” was the second album of Mark’s that I would own (though I now own them all) and its consistently carried theme of city life and isolation and the ever-present Gospel ring as true today as it did in 1982. Plus I firmly believe that Victims, more than any other Heard release, walked the very fine line between commercially accessible and artistically intriguing as any other.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Victims Of The Age – 3:14
2 – City Life Won’t Let Up – 3:40
3 – Faces In Cabs – 3:22
4 – Nothing Is Bothering Me – 4:22
5 – Some Folks’ World – 4:32
6 – Growing Up Blind – 4:57
7 – Dancing At The Policeman’s Ball – 3:53
8 – Everybody Loves A Holy War – 4:24
9 – Heart Of Hearts – 3:14

Backing Vocals – Larry Norman, Leslie Phillips
Bass, Backing Vocals – Billy Batstone
Drums – John Mehler
Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Harmonica, Accordion [Accordian], Mandolin – Mark Heard
Engineer – Bill Cobb
Engineer, Photography By – Janet Sue Heard
Keyboards – Carl Pickhardt, Tom Howard
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By, Arranged By, Design [Cover] – Mark Heard
Tambourine, Shaker – Harry Stinson

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Home Sweet Home Records
Copyright (c) – Home Sweet Home Records
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Recorded At – Poiema Studios
Recorded At – Gold Mine Studio West
Mixed At – Wilder Bros. Studios, Los Angeles
Mastered At – A&M Mastering Studios

Keith Green – Songs For The Shepherd – 1982

This was the last album Keith recorded before his untimely death later in the same year it was released. He passed away in a plane crash in July of 1982 in an airplane crash that also claimed the lives of his two children, Josiah, and Bethany. His wife was not on the flight and lives in California and continues Mark’s ministry entitled Last Day Ministries. It is unfortunate that this album has that sad piece of news forever attached to it. Lucky for us however there were more recordings made by Keith over previous years so we were able to enjoy more music from him after his passing. Now I will be perfectly clear, Keith does not do my style of music but I know good music when I hear it and this is good music. Probably his best work. That said can anyone explain to me why he didn’t have one chart single off an album this good and especially given the unfortunate attention this album received? I am usually critical of the CCM business because they ignored the up and coming young acts on their charts, but this time I’m critical because they ignored an album that anyone could hear had several chart songs on it. Oh well we are left to enjoy the album and remember Keith as an excellent musician and man of great devotion.

1 – The Lord Is My Shepherd – 4:10
2 – You Are The One! – 2:39
3 – How Majestic Is Thy Name – 3:59
4 – Draw Me – 3:47
5 – Glory Lord Jesus – 3:20
6 – There Is A Redeemer – 3:11
7 – The Promise Song – 3:21
8 – Until That Final Day – 4:38
9 – Jesus Is Lord Of All – 2:32
10 – O God Our Lord – 3:49
11 – I Will Give Thanks To The Lord – 1:47
12 – Holy, Holy, Holy – 3:40

Arranged By [Strings], Conductor – Harlan Rogers
Arranged By [Tracks] – Bill Maxwell, Keith Green
Backing Vocals – Alphanette Silas, Howard Smith, Keith Green, Linda McCrary
Bass – Abraham Laboriel
Concertmaster – Sidney Sax
Design [Inner Sleeve Design] – Pretty Good Graphics
Design, Layout – Stan Evenson Design
Drums – Bill Maxwell
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Harlan Rogers
Engineer – Gordon Shryock
Engineer [Assistant] – Wally Grant
Engineer [Orchestra] – Keith Grant
Engineer [Overdubs] – Peter Hayden, Willie Harlan
Guitar – Hadley Hockensmith
Mastered By – Steve Hall
Mixed By – Bill Maxwell, Gordon Shryock, Keith Green
Mixed By [Assistant] – Wally Grant
Percussion – Alex Acuña, Bill Maxwell
Photography By – Mark Hanauer
Piano – Keith Green
Producer – Bill Maxwell, Keith Green
Strings, Orchestra – The London National Philharmonic Orchestra
Synthesizer – Tom Keene

Companies, etc.
Copyright (c) – Last Days Ministries
Recorded At – Weddington Studios
Recorded At – Olympic Studios
Overdubbed At – Paramount Recorders
Overdubbed At – International Automated Media
Mixed At – Weddington Studios
Mastered At – MCA Whitney Recording Studios
Published By – Birdwing Music
Mastered At – Sheffield Lab Matrix

Kenny Marks – Follow Him – 1982

After Marks graduated from Messiah College in Philadelphia in 1971 he began to perform with Billy Graham’s Afterglow Concert Series and actually did so for almost 10 years. In 1981 he participated in a project/album called “Premiere Performance” by Myrrh Records. The album was actually a fan vote project where fans would vote for their favourite artist and that artist would get an album deal. Kenny won that competition with the song “You Don’t Have To Try To Be Somebody”. That song appears on this album and I actually don’t find it to one of the stronger tracks on the album but it was 1981 and I was listening to Resurrection band at the time so my taste wasn’t exactly aimed at Kenny’s music. Kenny apparently wrote the whole album and while the writing was good it was not the strong writing that he had on later albums. The album had all the best CCM studio musicians of the time but the one odd inclusion was Dan Huff who was at the same time working on the introductory WhiteHeart album. I find it kind of surprising that there wasn’t a CCM charting song on this album. Given that it was 1982 there are several tracks that could have comfortably sat on the charts.

1 – Lean On Him – 3:37
2 – Lovin’ Me For Myself – 2:55
3 – You Need Love – 3:06
4 – You Don’t Have To Try And Be Somebody – 3:13
5 – In The Middle Of The Night – 3:34
6 – He’ll Finish What He Started – 3:11
7 – Follow Him – 3:23
8 – I Give It All To You – 4:35
9 – Ringin’ The Bells – 2:52
10 – When I Least Expect It – 3:10

Arranged By – Don Hart
Backing Vocals – Diana DeWitt Hanna, Doana Cooper, Keith Thomas, Pamela Marks, Patti Leatherwood
Bass – Jimmie Lee Sloas, Mike Brignardello
Drums – Bob Gelotte, Mark Hammond, Tommy Wells
Executive-Producer – Neal Joseph
Guitar – Brent Rowan, Dann Huff, Jon Goin
Harp – Cindy Reynolds
Keyboards – Keith Thomas
Percussion – Mark Hammond, Terry McMillan
Piano – Bobby Ogdin
Producer, Keyboards – Keith Thomas
Saxophone – Dennis Solee
Vocals – Kenny Marks
Written-By – Kenny Marks

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.