Bryan Duncan, Anointed & Crystal Lewis – One Voice – Concert

Recorded live as part of the Big Voice tour Bryan Duncan, Anointed & Crystal Lewis come together for this star studded performance. Unfortunately we don’t know where this particular concert was recorded as it was part of a series of concerts.

00:05 – Anointed – The Call
03:07 – Bryan Duncan – United We Stand
05:08 – Crystal Lewis – Shine Jesus Shine
07:06 – Crystal Lewis – The Lion And The Lamb
12:15 – Crystal Lewis – Beauty For Ashes
16:05 – Anointed – Adore You
20:15 – Anointed – Under The Influence
24:30 – Bryan Duncan – Blue Skies
29:04 – Bryan Duncan – Joy Is A Singable Thing
32:29 – Bryan Duncan – Love Takes Time
36:40 – Anointed – Get Ready
39:38 – Crystal Lewis – People Get Ready
45:08 – Anointed & Crystal Lewis – I Surrender All
47:02 – Anointed – If I Labor
52:30 – Anointed, Bryan Duncan & Crystal Lewis – One Voice

Bass – Kevin O’Neal
Drums – Steve Latanation
Executive-Producer – Chuck Shanlever, Dan Posthuma
Film Director – Chuck Shanlever
Horns – Alan Palmer, Andy Cleaves
Keyboards – James Slattery
Lead Guitar – Bob Hartry
Producer – Denise Mortimer

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Copyright © – Myrrh Records
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Myrrh Records
Manufactured By – Word Entertainment, Inc.
Distributed By – Word Entertainment, Inc.

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Split Level – glo.bal – 1997

Originating from the fruitful music motherland of Ireland in the mid-1980’s, Split Level with a pop riven alternative band that fit right into the mold of British music of the day. For fans of The Baby’s, The Tubes, The Imitators et al, the band garnered a decent following in Europe, though struggled to really breakthrough in the states. After moving to England the band found itself releasing an independent project that sounded more like demos before releasing the highly coveted, “Sons of Liberty” on the British imprint of What? Records. The band would exist for nearly two decades, but only release albums occasionally. The album spotlighted here is their final studio project, “glo.bal.” Released through Pamplin Music (where artists went to die), the album was only a blip on the rock/alternative scene even in the US. Limited marketing and a sound that didn’t fit the accepted sound of Christian music at the time (acoustic folk or hardcore), this was the least “European” sounding album of their career. It is also ranks among their best. “Everything” kicks off the record with what should have been the biggest rock radio hit. Easily palatable to fans of The Elms, Smalltown Poets and Seven Day Jesus, the song has a monster hook chorus and radio friendly vibe. Occasionally the melody got lost in questionable production, where the distortion of the guitar overplays its hand and distracts from the melody. Such is the case with “Twister,” which could have been a mainstream radio single in the early 90’s. The best chance for mainstream Christian radio airplay is the mid-tempo ballad, “Emily.” Touches of Toad the Wet Sprocket, Blind Melon, Dinosaur Jr. and other similar bands with a hooky chorus driven be bass and acoustic guitar. The order of songs is really interesting. Starting with more melodic pop rock, the album becomes much more experimental and introspective as it closes. And much mellower. The second half of the album could easily been released under the moniker, Smalltown Poets. Great acoustic rock with smart melodies. In a way, the band seemed to hit its stride in finding an identity that could have proven successful in the states, but it would unfortunately serve as the last studio project as only a live album would be released a few years later.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Everything – 3:58
2 – Twister – 3:58
3 – Emily – 3:54
4 – Healed – 4:40
5 – The Things I Do – 3:54
6 – Shrinking Brain – 3:38
7 – Circles – 5:45
8 – If I Should Leave – 4:46
9 – Fly – 2:53
10 – Pinlight – 4:25
11 – Got Your Number – 3:09

$B Dash 3 – Musician
David Bach – Art Direction
Rob Craner – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Dan Donovan – Art Direction
Rick Elias – Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Chris Grainger – Mixing Assistant
Russ Long – Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Theremin
Phil Madeira – Musician
Trevor Michael – Studio Assistant
Ben Pearson – Photography
Gary Randall – Executive Producer
Mark Roth – Cover Design, Photography
Split Level – Primary Artist
Hank Williams – Mastering

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Pila Music
Manufactured By – Pila Music
Record Company – Organic Records
Distributed By – Pamplin Music

Hokus Pick – Snappy – 1997

Hokus Pick is apparently a Canadian expression of surprise. And this record continues to surprise. The court jesters of CCM, the Canadian rock band Hokus Pick had a ten year career that, given the quality of their output, should have garnered the band a longer tenure. It is with “Snappy” that the band it its full stride with a complete album of memorable, funny, serious and, well…weird…songs. The track that informed the albums title also sports one of the greatest videos ever. After the more U2 influenced “Faith, Hope and Love” starts the album, it is “I’m So Happy” that steals the show. As mentioned the video is simply hysterical, but deep within the ska grooves is a positive message of hope. This theme will permeate the album. It was really a shame when I was working for Diamante Distribution that we could never really garner the sales and the radio response necessary and that the band deserved. Even touring with Steve Taylor (a perfect fit) could not break the band nationally, another in the long line of disappointments in this industry. “We Are the People” drives a 60’s influenced rock that would later prove successful for the previously reviewed “Rock n Roll Worship Circus.” “The ska influenced “Our God” should have been a late 90’s youth anthem…should have been! A personal favorite is “True Believer,” a song reminiscent of then labelmates, The Kry. A great, straight ahead and emotional song about the struggles of faith and the desire to be a competent follower of Christ. The CD did also contain a hidden bonus track, if you want to call it that. It is more of a radio play called “An Appointment with Stupidity.” Hysterical, but not necessarily meant for repeated listening.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Faith, Hope And Love – 3:59
2 – I’m So Happy – 2:51
3 – Naturally – 2:52
4 – Nothing More – 4:58
5 – We Are The People – 3:15
6 – This Time – 4:16
7 – Our God – 3:18
8 – True Believer – 4:18
9 – God For One Day – 3:27
10 – Silver – 2:44
11 – Let Go, Let God – 4:20
12 – Comfort Song – 1:01
13 – (Hidden Track) – 29:49

Art Direction – Keith Hamilton
Bass Guitar – Dave Strilchuk
Drums [Ayotte] – Rick Colhoun
Engineer – Rick Colhoun
Engineer [Second] – Riley Armstrong
Lead Guitar – Matt Pierrot
Photography By – James Copp
Producer – Hokus Pick
Vocals, Guitar – Russ Smith
Written By – David Strilchuk, Matthew Pierrot, Richard Colhoun, Russell W. Smith

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Soundcastle
Manufactured By – Malaco Music Group
Distributed By – Malaco Music Group

Larry Norman – Stop This Flight – 1986/1997

This version is the Phydeaux CD from 1997, which includes several radio spot interviews and a bonus track of “What’s Wrong With This Body” with extra verses. Stop This Flight was around as early as 1984 with all the songs intact, however the major release of it was in 1986. The songs here are all new, except for “I Hope I’ll See You In Heaven.” That song has appeared as a live cut in several different versions, and a highly polished studio version is on “Down Under But Not Out.” Several tracks are recorded live rather than studio, so clearly they were floating around for a while before this release. This album contributed some classics to Larry’s repertoire. Woman of God and What’s Wrong With This Body stayed in his concert sets for a long time. “Messiah” is an epic piece, and was a show-ending, church-shaking finale for as long as Larry still performed with the band. Larry did a North American tour to support this album, with a full band, including Charly on bass. The 1997 version has a completely different album cover from the originals. The 1986 Phydeaux version had a few snapshots on the cover, later to be replaced by Larry posing with the spaceman on the moon. It seems likely that the change was due to his divorce from Sarah in 1995, since her picture was on the previous album cover. The radio spots here are another creative example by Larry to get his version of the story out. People always wanted to write stories about him, so he simply recorded one side of an interview, leaving the gaps for someone else to put questions in. Radio stations would have the ability to use these clips to make a faux interview, or just play some of the clips on their own.

1 – Finchian Etude / Stop This Flight
2 – A Woman Of God
3 – What’s Wrong With This Body
4 – Don’t You Wanna Talk About It
5 – And We Sing “The Tune”
6 – Out Of My System #1
7 – I Hope I’ll See You In Heaven
8 – Messiah
9 – Radio Interview
10 – What’s Wrong With This Body

Arranged By – Larry Norman
Performer – Charly, Sarah
Producer – Larry Norman
Written By – Larry Norman

Companies, etc.
Produced For – Phydeaux Inc.
Mastered At – Sheffield Lab Matrix – △ 10439
Copyright (c) – Six Blue Lions