Larry Norman – Stop This Flight – 1986/1997

This version is the Phydeaux CD from 1997, which includes several radio spot interviews and a bonus track of “What’s Wrong With This Body” with extra verses. Stop This Flight was around as early as 1984 with all the songs intact, however the major release of it was in 1986. The songs here are all new, except for “I Hope I’ll See You In Heaven.” That song has appeared as a live cut in several different versions, and a highly polished studio version is on “Down Under But Not Out.” Several tracks are recorded live rather than studio, so clearly they were floating around for a while before this release. This album contributed some classics to Larry’s repertoire. Woman of God and What’s Wrong With This Body stayed in his concert sets for a long time. “Messiah” is an epic piece, and was a show-ending, church-shaking finale for as long as Larry still performed with the band. Larry did a North American tour to support this album, with a full band, including Charly on bass. The 1997 version has a completely different album cover from the originals. The 1986 Phydeaux version had a few snapshots on the cover, later to be replaced by Larry posing with the spaceman on the moon. It seems likely that the change was due to his divorce from Sarah in 1995, since her picture was on the previous album cover. The radio spots here are another creative example by Larry to get his version of the story out. People always wanted to write stories about him, so he simply recorded one side of an interview, leaving the gaps for someone else to put questions in. Radio stations would have the ability to use these clips to make a faux interview, or just play some of the clips on their own.

1 – Finchian Etude / Stop This Flight
2 – A Woman Of God
3 – What’s Wrong With This Body
4 – Don’t You Wanna Talk About It
5 – And We Sing “The Tune”
6 – Out Of My System #1
7 – I Hope I’ll See You In Heaven
8 – Messiah
9 – Radio Interview
10 – What’s Wrong With This Body

Arranged By – Larry Norman
Performer – Charly, Sarah
Producer – Larry Norman
Written By – Larry Norman

Companies, etc.
Produced For – Phydeaux Inc.
Mastered At – Sheffield Lab Matrix – △ 10439
Copyright (c) – Six Blue Lions

Larry Norman – Home At Last – 1989

Larry released this album in 1989 which has mostly new material. Originally released as a 2 LP set, it was also released as a CD and was re-released in 2007 on CD.

The CD only contained sides 1, 2, and 3 of the LP’s. Side 4 of the LP was a live recording of 4 songs. The LP is relatively rare and I’ve never even seen a copy.

One of the favourite tracks was “Sitting In My Kitchen” which was a rework of Randy Stonehill’s “Norman’s Kitchen”.

Track Listing:
1 – Lonely Boy
2 – My Feet Are On The Rock
3 – Country Church
4 – Sitting In My Kitchen
5 – Camel Through A Needle’s Eye
6 – Nightmare #49 (Part One)
7 – Oh How I Love You
8 – Queen Of The Rodeo
9 – He Really Loves You
10 – Here Comes The King
11 – Letters To The Church
12 – We Three Twogether
13 – Somewhere Out There
14 – Selah

Larry Norman – vocals, harmonies, guitar, piano, saxophone, harmonica, keyboards
Charles Norman – vocals, guitars, bass, harmonica, keyboards, percussion, drums
Sarah Norman – vocals, harmonies, percussion
Beki Hemingway – vocals, harmonies
Jon Linn – guitar
Bob Somma – guitar
Jellybean Jaquette – bass, engineering
Dave Spurr – drums
John Campbell – keyboards
Steve Goomas – piano
Dan Cutrona – keyboards