Marty McCall & Fireworks – UP – 1981

The whole naming of “Fireworks” is an issue for me. One album they are called “Fireworks Featuring Marty McCall” but this album they are called “Marty McCall & Fireworks” and of course a couple albums they were just “Fireworks”. So I decided to do some research on who Fireworks were. This is when I discovered that on this album the entire band was replaced from the previous. So essentially the whole Fireworks thing should have just been released using Marty McCall’s name. I am actually quite mystified why they kept trying to represent that their was a band called Fireworks. While researching this story I was reading some writing by Marty and I have to admit it was hilarious. He was talking about the band taking risks by doing Rock & Roll. Marty if you ever read this no offence man but this is not Rock & Roll. Nothing you ever recorded even approached Rock & Roll and their was NO risk in what you were doing as bands such as the Imperials were selling hundreds of thousands of records. Now that I’ve had my poke at Marty lets get to the album. It is good, I can’t take that away from Marty. He was/is an excellent musician and songwriter and quite frankly the stuff he was doing was as good as the Imperials and it is sad he never saw the same sales numbers. So if your a easy listening kind of person this is an excellent album for you to listen to.

1 – Givin’ It Up – 3:00
2 – Let Me Be The One – 3:58
3 – Legal Now – 2:45
4 – Adam – 3:54
5 – Cleanin’ Up Our Act – 3:02
6 – Can’t Stop Running – 3:29
7 – Frontrunner – 3:47
8 – Maybe I’ll Trust You Now – 3:54
9 – Unless God Builds Your House – 3:07
10 – Thanks To You – 4:55

Art Direction – George Osaki
Backing Vocals – Gary Pigg, Gwen Moore, Jackie Cusic
Bass – David Hungate
Concertmaster – Anshel Brusilow, Steve Hall
Design – John Georgopoulos
Design Concept [Cover] – Vickie McCall
Drums – Mark Hammond
Engineer [Basic Tracks & Vocals] – Brian Tankersley
Engineer [Mixdown] – Bill Deaton
Keyboards – Shane Keister
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Marty McCall
Management – Dharma Artist Agency
Percussion – Russell Dunlap
Photography By – Jim McGuire
Producer, Keyboards, Horns – Fletch Wiley
Saxophone – Bill Tillman

Companies, etc.
Copyright (c) – MCA Records, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – MCA Records, Inc.
Manufactured By – MCA Records, Inc.
Produced For – Chris Christian Productions
Produced For – Home Sweet Home Productions
Recorded At – Gold Mine Studio East
Recorded At – January Sound Studio
Recorded At – Sumet-Bernet Sound Studios
Recorded At – Rivendell Sound Recorders
Mixed At – Gold Mine Studio East
Mastered At – MCA Recording Studios
Pressed By – MCA Pressing Plant, Pinckneyville

Jacket Front
Jacket Back
Sleeve Front
Sleeve Back
Side 1
Side 2

Fireworks – Sightseeing At Night – 1982

This was the final album from Fireworks and they went out with a bang. Dare I say this is a Rock & Roll album. Well it’s a lot more Rock & Roll than their previous releases. The lead track is definitely a Rock & Roll tune and sets the atmosphere for the rest of the album. Admittedly however after the first track it is more pop than rock but it is definitely a good album. Other than the lead track think Sweet Comfort Bands later works. Future Petra drummer Louie Weaver joined the band for this album and you hear his far superior drum skills. All in all they went out with a bang but part of me wonders if there was a dispute over the direction of the band and this may have caused the subsequent breakup.

1 – I Got News For You – 3:04
2 – Because I Care – 3:19
3 – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down – 3:52
4 – Back In Business – 3:18
5 – Sightseeing At Night – 4:13
6 – Honorable Man – 2:43
7 – Confrontation – 3:42
8 – Broadway Mary – 3:17
9 – No Strings – 2:43
10 – Incognito – 5:29

Art Direction – George Osaki
Bass Guitar – David Kurfman
Co-producer, Engineer – Mark Richardson
Design – Georgopoulos/Imada Design, Inc.
Drums – Louie Weaver
Engineer [Assistant] – Greg Webster
Illustration [Cover] – Marilyn Montgomery
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Jerry Gaston
Management [Artist Representation] – Tom Willett, J. Wesley Yoder
Mastered By – Randy Kling
Photography By [Liner Photo] – Norman Benson
Producer – Jerry Gaston, Marty McCall
Product Manager – Tom Willett, Wes Yoder
Vocals, Piano [Acoustic], Keyboards [Profit V] – Marty McCall

Fireworks – Shatter the Darkness – 1979

This is the second album from Fireworks. What strikes me as odd with this album is that the title is subtitled with “Featuring Marty McCall”. Marty was with the band for their previous album and all subsequent albums so I have no idea why for this album he got such special billing. He hadn’t really done anything before Fireworks so he wasn’t some well known singer from another band or anything either. Very strange. Sound wise this album is a nice progression from their previous album which was painfully easy listening and their next album which was quite upbeat. This album settles into the middle nicely so no matter which version of Fireworks you like you should like this album.

1 – Change My Heart – 2:59
2 – Beautiful Woman – 4:17
3 – After The Rain – 2:07
4 – Calling My Name – 3:55
5 – Rock Band – 3:24
6 – Like Children – 3:11
7 – I Know Power – 2:39
8 – Love You Tonight – 3:37
9 – Shatter The Darkness – 5:05
10 – The World – 3:50

Bass – Bob Sinkovic, Chris Harris
Drums – Lanny Avery
Guitar – Jerry Gaston, Mark Christian
Keyboards, Vocals – Marty McCall
Producer – Chris Christian

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Mastered At – Masterfonics

Fireworks – Fireworks – 1977

Fireworks formed in 1976 and released this album in 1977. It was well received and became a staple of late 70’s Jesus Music. The band was led by Marty McCall and he remained at the helm until the band split in 1983. Marty immediately went on to form the band “First Call” who performed into the late 90’s. Fireworks continued on after this album to release 5 more albums and had much success.

1 – New Day – 2:44
2 – Don’t Look Back – 2:47
3 – Carrying On – 3:27
4 – Presence Of The Lord – 2:45
5 – Forever With You – 3:40
6 – Maybe It’s Love – 3:27
7 – Family – 2:44
8 – Open Your Eyes – 3:07
9 – Talks With My Father – 3:03
10 – Takin’ A Rest – 3:06
11 – New Man – 3:06

Bass – Chris Harris, Steve Schaffer (tracks: A1, B2)
Cover – Dave Gaadt
Drums – Kenneth Malone (tracks: B2), Lanny Avery, Larrie Londin (tracks: A1)
Engineer – Brown Bannister
Executive Producer – Michael Blanton
Flute – Marilyn Maingart
Guitar – Chris Christian
Keyboards – Marty McCall, Ron Oates (tracks: B2), Shane Keister (tracks: A1)
Mastered By – Glenn Meadows
Photography – Mark Pleasant
Producer – Chris Christian
Synthesizer – Shane Keister

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.