Sacrament – Testimony Of Apocalypse – 1989

This was the first studio album from Philadelphia thrash metal band Sacrament. Their demo came out earlier in the year so I am guessing that after hearing the demo R.E.X. Music couldn’t sign them fast enough. Sacrament was one of the earlier Christian thrash bands and developed a large following. Apparently the lyrics are very good but personally I can’t understand them so I don’t know. The album has been reissued several times over the years by Retroactive Records which must be a testament to it’s lasting popularity.

1 – Testimony Of Apocalypse – 4:06
2 – Slave To Sin – 3:32
3 – Hellfire Denied – 3:04
4 – Repentance – 3:10
5 – Valley Of Dry Bones – 3:12
6 – Mortal Agony – 3:12
7 – Conquer Death – 3:10
8 – Absence Of Fear – 4:01
9 – The Risen – 3:58
10 – Blood Bath – 4:07

Bass – Erik Ney
Drums – Paul Graham
Engineer – Paul Krueger
Guitar – Brian Toy, Mike Didonato
Mixed By – Doug Mann, Paul Krueger
Producer – Doug Mann
Producer [Assistant Pre-producer] – Joe Daub, Kurt Bachman
Vocals – Mike Torone
Written-By – Brian Toy, Erik Ney, Mike Didonato, Mike Torone, Paul Graham

Sacrament – Presumed Dead – 1989

Sacrament were one of the original Christian Thrash Metal bands. This was the demo that started it all for them. It was sold at their shows and apparently had pretty broad distribution. As for the music, I have no idea if it’s any good. I know nothing about thrash metal and can’t stand listening to it. If you like thrash metal this is probably a pretty good album judging from the positive reviews of it. The quality is a little off which is kind of strange for 1989 as technology was pretty advanced for producing demos. That said it just may be the copy I got. The original might be much better.

1 – Separate From Iniquity
2 – Assault (Satan’s Doom)
3 – Lies of The Blind
4 – Face Reality
5 – Presumed Dead

Bass – Eric Ney
Drums – Paul Graham
Producer – Frank Thompson
Guitar – Brian Toy, Mike Didonato
Vocals – Mike Torone