Solid Rock – Interdesign – 1983

This is the second independent release from Solid Rock. Their first album was well received and even got airplay on Christian Radio. This album was even better received and also received play on Christian Radio. This was no small feat for an independent release. The band were from Weatherford, Oklahoma and attended Trinity Baptist Church. As I said this was the second of three albums and they were all Indy releases. I am a little amazed that a band from Oklahoma with an independent release gained such a large following. I would normal describe this situation as having a cult following but in this case the band was very well known. I really like this album but honestly it’s a little confusing at ties. Sometimes I’m hearing 70’s Pink Floyd and on other tracks 80’s synth. But this really isn’t a criticism as the album flows well and I love their version of Rock & Roll. If you missed this one in the 80’s give it a listen.

1 – Intro – 1:30
2 – Carry On – 4:19
3 – Two-Thirds Of A Man – 3:51
4 – Make A Change – 3:29
5 – Just This Side Of Darkness – 4:17
6 – Sidekick – 3:05
7 – Wisdom Of Men – 4:40
8 – Live Your Life Alone – 3:56
9 – Fly Away – 5:14

Drums, Vocals – Larry Percy
Guitar, Synthesizer – Stan Mathis
Bass, Vocals – Kevin Bartel
Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Album Design – Jerry Johnson
Engineer – Gary Duggan
Producer – Larry Benson
Concert Sound Enginer – Kurt Abercrombie

Studio – Benson Sound
Mastered – Kendun Recorders

Solid Rock – Change of Heart – 1979

Solid Rock were better known for their two 80’s releases (though not that much more) than this 1979 release.

This album definitely has the feel of Jesus Music but was a little rockier than most Jesus Music. The band had 2 female singers at this point but it’s hard to differentiate between them.

Overall it’s a good album with a good 70’s hybrid Jesus Music/Rock style.

1 – He Is My Friend
2 – Make My Life
3 – Jesus Changed My Heart
4 – Watergrave
5 – Heaven Sent
6 – Running
7 – Saved To Serve
8 – You Can Fly
9 – Give Him Your Life