100% Proof – Power and the Glory – 1983

This was the final album from 100% Proof and I believe their best.

At this point they were tight and writing better than ever. White some consider this album to be a Metal album, but I call it Hard Rock and well done Hard Rock.

This album has the best version ever of “Jesus Loves Me” (yes the one from Sunday School). Toss in a Rockabilly tune to finish off the album and there is a very diverse album.

Track Listing:
1 – Power And The Glory – 4:40
2 – Don’t You Know – 6:34
3 – Out Of Bounds – 3:48
4 – Lost Soul – 5:14
5 – I’m Going To Win – 7:09
6 – Getting Me Down – 4:34
7 – Jesus Loves Me – 4:13
8 – Number Eight – 2:42

Bass – Steve Harrison
Cover – Baglow Trueman & Partners Ltd., Felix Lucilla, Peter Grenville Smith
Drums – Phil Wright
Engineer – Lol Cooper
Keyboards – P. Savage
Lead Guitar – Steve Wright
Producer – 100% Proof, Lol Cooper
Rhythm Guitar – Charlie Wilson, Steve Wright
Vocals – Charlie Wilson, Phil Wright (tracks: B4), Steve Wright

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Force 3 – Warrior Of Light – 1988

in 1988 the Guitarist of the band 100% Proof, Charlie Wilson, recorded an album with a new band, Force 3 and this is their first and only album.

It had a sound that was reminiscent of 100% Proof but Wilson allowed himself more latitude on his guitar work. The album suffered from poor production and the mix is questionable also.

That said, this album should fill the listening needs of any late 80’s metal head as the songs are well written and there are several excellent guitar solos.

Track Listing:
1 – Heartbeat – 3:04
2 – Trouble On The Streets – 2:45
3 – Wondering – 2:52
4 – Golgotha (He Is Risen) – 6:03
5 – See The Light – 2:55
6 – Miracles – 4:50
7 – Don’t Give Up – 2:54
8 – Warrior Of Light – 5:30

Bass – G.B. Bennett
Drums – Andy Jackson
Executive Producer – Peter Gavin Morkel
Guitar – Charlie Wilson
Illustration, Design Concept – Peter Geissler
Producer, Engineer – Armand John Petri
Vocals – Andy Jackson, Charlie Wilson

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100% Proof – New Way of Livin’ – 1980

This is the introductory EP of 100% Proof.

It’s actually a 7 inch recorded at 33 1/3 which is relatively rare. This EP has a slightly more punk sound than there future releases.

Quality of the EP was an issue but I have cleaned it up as best as I could. There is relatively little information about this EP so I will just have to leave to listen and enjoy.

Track Listing:
A1 New Way Of Living’
A2 Looking In
B1 What’s The Cost
B2 Resurrection

Bass – Steve Harrison
Drums, Vocals – Phil Wright
Guitar, Vocals – Charlie Wilson
Guitar, Vocals – Steve Wright

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100% Proof – (self titled) – 1981

This Stockport based UK band turned it up a bit (OK a lot) as far as CCM music went.

This album features AC/DC style rifts with a dash of rockabilly and a pinch of punk. I’m fairly sure this album was not released in North America, though some may have bought imports.

This is a band that would have done well in North America If you like basic Rock and Roll this is the album for you. My fav track is actually called Rock ‘n’ Roll.


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