Imperials – Free The Fire – 1988

This was the Imperials album for 1988. They didn’t put out an album every year but almost. They toured so heavy that they missed the occasional year. After the shock of their previous album, “This Year’s Model”, this one wasn’t quite as rock and leaned back to Pop. Not that that album was rock but it was Rock for them. This is a solid Pop album and the vocals are even better than “This Years Model” in my opinion. This album is probably my second most liked from them and it’s a solid Pop effort. The album had an awesome 2 #2 singles, “Free The Fire”, and “The Boss”. “You” also made it to #24. I really like Dann Huff’s guitar work on the intro to “Higher Things” though that’s where I end liking the song. The intro doesn’t fit the song and they did one of those stupid abrupt ends. Not a producing masterpiece that one. That said this is a pretty good album and one of their best in my opinion.

1 – Free The Fire – 5:11
2 – Wild Geese – 4:08
3 – City In The Sky – 4:56
4 – You – 4:55
5 – The Boss – 5:17
6 – Higher Things – 5:11
7 – Rest In Your Arms – 4:16
8 – Let It Go – 4:15
9 – Better Than I Know Myself – 4:08
10 – Touchin’ Me – 4:03
11 – I Just Came To Praise The Lord – 1:59

A&R – Lynn Nichols, Mark Maxwell
Art Direction, Design – Roland Young
Band [The Imperials Are] – Armond Morales, David Will, Jimmie Lee, Ron Hemby
Engineer – Bart Stevens, Wade Jaynes
Mastered By – Doug Sax
Bass – Jimmie Lee Sloas
Drums – Paul Leim
Guitar – Dann Huff
Keyboards – Robbie Buchanan
Percussion – Lenny Castro
Piano, Synthesizer – Michael Omartian
Photography By – Howard Rosenberg
Producer, Engineer – Bill Schnee
Producer – Deborah Klein

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Pressed By – Discovery Systems
Recorded At – Bill Schnee Studios
Recorded At – The Bunny Hop
Recorded At – 41B Studios
Recorded At – O’Henry Sound Studios
Mixed At – Bill Schnee Studios
Mastered At – The Mastering Lab
Published By – See This House Music
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Published By – Marquis III
Published By – Word Music
Published By – Martin Noyes Publishing
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Published By – Nanacub Music
Published By – California Phase Music
Published By – Whitney Katherine Music, Inc.
Published By – Birdwing Music
Published By – Waif Productions Ltd.
Published By – ATV Music Ltd.
Published By – Paragon Music Corp.

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David & The Giants – Strangers To The Night – 1988

Unfortunately by this point David and The Giants were producing albums too regularly. This album while good feels like they just went into the studio to get another album out. The album is a good listen but there just aren’t any real stand out tracks. Probably the best track is “Perfect Love” which features harmonies from David’s daughter Kellye Huff. Of course CCM charts missed this entirely and picked “Show Them the Light” and “Strangers to the Night” as the charting singles. But while I think “Perfect Love” is a great track it’s not gonna make it onto my regular rotation. To sum up, it’s a good album but unfortunately not a great album.

1 – Celebrate His Power – 3:50
2 – Show Them the Light – 3:54
3 – Lively Stones – 4:22
4 – I’m Not Ashamed – 3:23
5 – Perfect Love – 4:28
6 – Restless – 5:30
7 – Strangers to the Night – 3:49
8 – No Compromise – 4:34
9 – I Believe in You – 3:48
10 – I Was the Nails – 3:40

Backing Vocals – Dave Mullen, James Bolton, Karen Harding, Kellye Huff, Rick Florian
Concept By, Design, Art Direction – P. R. Allen
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Keith Thibodeaux
Engineer, Arranged By, Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Rayborn Huff
Engineer, Bass, Backing Vocals – Clayborn Huff
Engineer, Engineer [Assistant Remix Engineer] – Terry Ostovich
Mastered By – Denny Purcell
Percussion – Lance Huff
Producer, Arranged By, Backing Vocals – Tommy Sims
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By [Remixed By], Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – David Huff
Saxophone – Donnie “Sax” Sanders

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Giant Records (13)
Copyright (c) – Giant Records (13)
Distributed By – The Benson Company, Inc.
Recorded At – Huff Recording Studios
Mixed At – Huff Recording Studios
Mastered At – Georgetown Masters

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Phil Keaggy – Phil Keaggy And Sunday’s Child – 1988

I guess this album was the result of “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Constantly compared to Paul McCartney during his career, why not just do a Beatles album? What was actually supposed to be a possible semi-regular group, Phil Keaggy & Sunday’s Child only ever released this one album. But what an album they created! Making up the rest of “Sunday’s Child” are Rick Cua on bass, Mike Mead on drums and Lynn Nichols on guitar and vocals. It also may go down in CCM history as the single nicest group of musicians to record a record together. There is this one odd thing about many Keaggy albums. Those with great songs have a tendency to lack the guitar prowess that many clamor for, while those with great guitar work have tendency to lack quality songwriting throughout. This album is all about the songwriting and is clearly some of Keaggy’s finest work in the regard. And true to form the album is not filled with blazing and intricate guitar work, though many tasteful and enjoyable examples can be found. There album is also the most “band” sounding in his career outside of the Crimson and Blue recordings. But that band is supported by a Hall of fame list of musicians including Steve Taylor, Mark Heard, Randy Stonehill, Alwyn Wall, Derri Daugherty, Russ Taff and the always impressive and often overlooked James Hollihan on guitar. Many of the guests also provided songwriting help. The Beatles comparisons are not subtle. They were clearly the inspiration and that adds to the sheer joy of the album. In fact, according to the liner notes, Ringer Starr’s drum kit was used on the recording. Older amps, instruments and recording processes were employed to give the album the rich, analog sound.

The album kicks off with the mid-tempo rocker, “Tell me How You Feel.” This tone setter reveals what will follow with the head side bopping beat and Keaggy’s higher end vocals at times reminiscent of McCartney with abandon. But there is also a clear nod to the Byrds here and throughout. The title track, co-written with Stonehill, was a hit, and for good reason. This song is memorable and smart at the same time. I believe I hear Stonehill’s vocals in there as well. The two released a wonderful album a year or so ago that employed some of the same musical stylings. A personal favorite, and one of the better rockers on the album is “I Always Do.” Starting slow before kicking halfway through the verse into a killer rocker that is more reminiscent of Glass Harp’s poppier side. The song also features one of the more upfront guitar solos and the best hook on the entire album. Without blazing fingers and extended riffs, Keaggy here shows the power of a well controlled, melodic and tasteful rock solo. It should be noted this is a Mark heard penned tune. “I’m Gonna Get You Now” is more early 70’s rock and sounds the least like the Beatles as any on the record, excepting the song that follows. But it should be noted that it also provides some of Keaggy’s best rock vocals. Co-written by Lynn Nichols, the songs edge gives Keaggy the change to explore some vocal styles he hadn’t previously. If someone mentioned that Steve Taylor co-wrote one of the songs, my guess would immediately be “Bless Be the Ties,” and that would be correct. More psychedelic than the rest of the album, this slower, dare I say darker (?) song remains one of the best as well. This Could Be the Moment” returns to the more fun rock and roll. This is a good old-fashioned, put the top down on the convertible and hit Pacific Highway. The chorus is a monster with some great harmonies. The instrumental break just pounds with Mead’s great driving beat and Keaggy’s subtle and building guitar work. Even Cua gets a short solo here! This was a great song live I should add as it was extended to include solos from everyone. Side Two kicks off with the loudest guitars and a song co-written by Stonehill called “Ain’t Got No.” But this Stonehill is Sandi, the then wife of Randy. Oddly enough, it sounds like something randy would have recorded himself. It’s hard to decide which song stands out as the “best” on such a great album, but “Somebody Loves You” would have to receive recognition. The acoustic driven rock song is pure Keaggy and one of the songs Keaggy penned entirely by himself. Keaggy here shows his guitar prowess is not just limited to electric and solo, but tasteful and smart acoustic rhythm work as well. This alone gives it more of a Byrds feel. Another of the darker feeling songs follows with “Big Eraser.” Another Nichols co-written tune, it is perfect fit for something on the Chagall Guevara debut. The vocals are clouded amongst a large rock vibe and huge drum sound. This would make sense given Nichols involvement with the group. The Mark Heard penned “Everything is Alright” is a true dichotomy. A dark and almost atmospheric verse structure followed by a pop and memorable hook driven chorus. This is also around the time of Ideola, and the style shows through. “I’ve Just Begun (Again)” brings the album back to the joyful musical expressions that dominate the vast majority of the album, while the following “Walk In Two Worlds” represents the darker, rougher edge. One would have hoped future releases would expand upon this sound as it worked so incredible well here. The album closes with a wonderful version of the traditional spiritual “Talk About Suffering.” Staring nearly in an acapella (drums only) before adding the band, this version is both beautiful and unforgettable. A fitting ending to a great album. This may be Keaggy’s finest hour as a songwriter, though another album of his will appear much later in the countdown, it is a real shame this ended up being only a one-off and no further collaborations between these men exists in this format.

1 – Tell Me How You Feel – 3:21
2 – Sunday’s Child – 3:57
3 – I Always Do – 4:50
4 – I’m Gonna Get You Now – 3:47
5 – Blessed Be the Ties – 3:56
6 – This Could Be the Moment – 3:48
7 – Ain’t Got No – 3:29
8 – Somebody Loves You – 4:05
9 – Big Eraser – 4:33
10 – Everything Is Alright – 4:19
11 – I’ve Just Begun (Again) – 3:00
12 – Walk In Two Worlds – 3:37
13 – Talk About Suffering – 4:50

Robbie Buchanan – Organ B3
Lenny Castro – Percussion
Rick Cua – Bass
Derri Daugherty – Vocals
Lance Demers – Songwriter
Dave Hackbarth – Mixed
Mark Heard – Songwriter, Engineer, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
James Hollihan – Guitar
Wade Jaynes – Mixed
Eddie Keaggy – Mixed
Phil Keaggy – Songwriter, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Mike Mead – Drums
Lynn Arthur Nichols – Producer, Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
A. Palladino – Songwriter
Jack Joseph Puig – Mixed
David Schober – Engineer
Jimmie Lee Sloas – Vocals
Bart Stevens – Mixed
Randy Stonehill – Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Sandi Stonehill – Songwriter
Russ Taff – Vocals
Brian Tankersley – Engineer
Steve Taylor – Songwriter, Percussion
Rudy Valentine – Vocals
Alwyn Wall – Vocals

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Word, Inc.
Copyright © – Word, Inc.
Manufactured By – Word, Inc.
Distributed By – Word, Inc.
Recorded At – Music Grinder Studios
Recorded At – Neverland Studios
Recorded At – Bill Schnee Studios
Recorded At – Fingerprint
Recorded At – The Hop
Mixed At – Bill Schnee Studios
Pressed By – U.S. Optical Disc

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Xalt – Dark War – 1988

Here’s another great Metal band out of Michigan. This was Xalt’s first album which I guess is technically a demo but is probably best described as self released. It was only released on cassette which is a pity because the quality was, well, questionable. The album was finally re-released in 2017 by Retroactive Records with 6 bonus tracks. I have heard however that the quality is still questionable. Doesn’t matter what format you want to distribute music on, it’s only going to sound at best as it’s source. Anyway we do have a pretty good Metal album here that leans commercial but not overly. If you only have time for one track try out “God In A Box”.

1 – The Cross – 3:13
2 – God In A Box – 2:49
3 – Where Victory Storms – 2:59
4 – Angry Fire – 3:59
5 – Ready For The Fight – 2:29
6 – A Warrior’s Honour – 2:43
7 – Looking Down A Loaded Gun – 4:13
8 – Palace Daydream – 2:06
9 – Soldiers In The Mist – 3:02
10 – Dark War – 5:11

Bass Guitar – Steve Davis
Drums – Todd Gleason
Engineer – John Frazier
Guitar – James Erdman
Lead Vocals – Scott Doerfler
Mixed By – Hank Horton, John Frazier, Xalt
Producer – Hank Horton

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Harvest Studios

Tonio K. – Notes From The Lost Civilization – 1988

Tonio K released two albums for the Christian market in the mid 80’s on What? Records. Both of them reach the Top 100 on this list. Both a must own album and truly brilliant works. Both are completely different musically and differ greatly in topic and theme. More will be said about Tonio K in a future post, but it should be noted here that for nearly three decades he released some of the most important releases that no one knows about. Before embracing the Christian faith Tonio K released several critically lauded and publicly ignored masterpieces. The same rang true in Christian music circles. I believe “Notes” was the last release for What? Records, a brilliant label whose imprint was the kiss of death in the CCM world. I cannot confirm this right now, but I believe every What? Records release appears on this countdown. The label was a joint effort between Word Records and A&M with the intent to bring Christian music to the masses with artists that had the chops and integrity to pull off the crossover. Where Tonio’s CCM debut (Romeo Unchained) was driven by technology and “new wave” rhythms and production, “Notes” was organic, blues and country influenced Americana rock and roll set in the heart of city life and suburban nightmares. There are two versions of the album with the Word released version not containing a song that will be discussed later. No one should own the Word version and I refused to carry that version in my store at the time.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – Without Love – 3:33
2 – Children’s Crusade – 4:56
3 – Stay – 4:14
4 – City Life – 4:07
5 – You Were There – 4:46
6 – The Executioner’s Song – 6:27
7 – I Can’t Stand It – 4:08
8 – What Women Want – 4:27
9 – I Can’t Stop – 3:19
10 – Where Is That Place? – 3:59

A&R [Productive A&R] – Aaron Jacoves, Tom Willett
Arranged By – David Miner, T Bone Burnett, Tonio K.
Art Direction, Photography By, Design – Linda Myers-Krikorian
Bass – James Jamerson, Jr. (tracks: 7 to 10)
Bass, Double Bass [String Bass], Harmonium, Marimba – David Miner
Drum Programming – Ralph Forbes
Drums – Raymond Pounds (tracks: 7 to 10)
Drums, Synthesizer [Dynacord] – Jim Keltner
Electric Guitar – Jack Sherman
Electric Guitar [12-string, Gut String, National], Acoustic Guitar – T Bone Burnett
Engineer [Assistant Engineering] – Barry Conley, Bob Loftus, Brian Soucy, Dave “The Blade” Knight, Duncan Aldrich, Ira Rubnitz, Tom Banghart
Executive-Producer – T Bone Burnett
Graphic Design, Layout – Karl Shields, Susan Shields
Mastered By – Tony Dawsey
Mixed By – Tchad Blake
Organ [Farfisa] – Rick Neigher
Organ [Hammond] – Booker T. Jones
Percussion – Alex Acuña
Piano – John Keller
Producer [Produced By] – David Miner, Tonio K.
Recorded By – Larry Hirsch
Recorded By [Additional Recording By] – Larold Rebhun (tracks: 8)
Rhythm Guitar [Occasional], Vocals – Tonio K.

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – What? Records
Copyright (c) – What? Records
Manufactured By – A&M Records, Inc.
Distributed By – A&M Records, Inc.
Recorded At – The Sound Factory
Recorded At – American Recorders
Recorded At – Ocean Way Recording
Recorded At – Mad Hatter Studios
Recorded At – A&M Studios
Mixed At – The Sound Factory
Mastered At – Masterdisk
Published By – Bibo Music Publishers
Published By – N.Y.M.
Published By – Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Published By – Safespace Music
Published By – Unicity Music
Published By – Tea Time Tunes
Published By – Yellow Brick Road Music
Published By – VALEVISTA Music

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Various – East Coast Metal – 1988

This 1988 Regency Records sampler featured some of the best East Coast Metal bands of the time and some very exclusive tunes. There are a few unreleased tracks and other than that I have listed below where you can find the albums with the songs.

1 – Apostle – The Sword – On the 1988 Demo “Hymns”
2 – Rage Of Angels – Reason To Rock – On the 1989 Album “Rage Of Angels”
3 – Arsenal – Message Of Love – Unreleased
4 – The Lead – Tunnel Vision – On the 1987 Album “The Past Behind”
5 – Taker – Yesterday, Today & Forever – On the 1987 Demo “Mat. 11:12”
6 – Second Chance – The Blazing Wasteland – On the 1988 Demo “The Blazing Wasteland”
7 – Arsenal – Stand Strong – Unreleased
8 – Believer – The Chosen – Unreleased until “Extraction From Mortality” in 2001
9 – Taker – Living By Faith – On the 1987 Demo “Mat. 11:12”

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Q. Stone – Q. Stone – 1988

Q. Stone are an excellent Blues Rock band out of Finland. My first exposure to them was the 1989 Larry Norman album where they played as his backup band. This album actually has a rather odd release history. It was first released in 1988 in Europe and apparently sold well. It was then released in the United States in 1989 on Refuge Records. Apparently it did not sell well. Then in 2000 Larry Norman obtained the rights to the album and released the album on Solid Rock Records. Apparently it sold slightly better under this arrangement. My favourite track on the album actually features Larry, “Sweet Dreams’. I find it humorous that on Larry’s release of this album his track is the lead track but on other versions it is the 2nd track. Anyway, this is probably one of if not the best CCM Blues Rock album of the 80’s though lets be clear there wasn’t a lot of competition.

1 – Sweet Dreams – 3:56
2 – Open Door – 2:34
3 – High Winds – 4:40
4 – You Did It For Me – 5:35
5 – The Blue View – 4:38
6 – And I Wait – 4:35
7 – Give Me Something Else – 4:38
8 – Blues Man – 2:35
9 – Black Water – 2:49
10 – Behind The Bars – 4:32
11 – Tomorrow With You – 3:29
12 – Zack’s Blues – 1:24
13 – Dead Man At Dawn – 4:08

Arranged By [Co-Arranged By] – Q-Stone
Bass – Mikko Loytty
Drums – Sakke Loytty
Edited By, Mastered By – Tom Nunes
Engineer – Benny Lundin, Cenneth Almgren, Heikki Silvennoinen
Graphics – Wavelength
Harmonica – Mikko Kuustonen
Harmony Vocals – Larry Norman
Keyboards – Harri Taittonen
Lead Guitar – Heikki Silvennoinen
Mixed By – Bosse Reimer, Larry Norman
Producer, Arranged By – Larry Norman
Vocals – Heikki Silvennoinen, Mikko Loytty, Larry Norman

Companies, etc.
Distributed By – Phydeaux Records
Copyright (c) – Phydeaux Records
Recorded At – Royal Music Studio

CD Case Front
CD Case Back
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Inside 3

Rich Mullins – Winds Of Heaven, Stuff Of Earth – 1988

Here is another example of the different presuppositions between this list and the previous blogs list for determining placement. Though significantly more important to the overall progression of the CCM market, the album does not fair as well when compared to multiple releases per artist and exclusive artistic achievement guidelines. That is not so say this is not a great record, God Forbid. This is ana amazing record and no serious collector should have it missing. “Winds of Heaven” is a lighter, sweeter, sometimes melancholy project that is punctuated with worship and promise. But ultimately it came down to impact and lasting impressions and nothing on “A Liturgy” (or too many other albums for that matter) can match what “Awesome God” has meant to a generation of believers despite being an overall stronger project. If the reader is only familiar with the classic worship tune then they are missing a truly great project. On this album Mullins would change how many people approach the Lord every Sunday morning all across the globe. What started out as a quickly penned worship song for a Youth gathering in Michigan became the single most often sung modern worship song in history. It was also listed as the Number One Christian song in history in CCM Magazine’s countdown of the greatest songs. Oddly enough the verse structure and content is nothing like any other worship song and, in fact, does not lend itself to corporate worship. But when the chorus kicks in there is nothing to compare it to. Memorable, large, boisterous, powerful and lasting. Generations later I am firmly convinced this chorus will still be a staple for God’s people in worship. “If I Stand” follows and may be the strongest song on the project. This song ultimately is about the recognition of man’s frailty and God’s loving compassion toward man. It is a story of reliance on the creator by that which is created. Mullins points to the ultimate relationship a man must have…greater than anything he can find on Earth. One other radio hit from the project is “Such a Thing as Glory.” A musical backdrop bordering on world music sets the stage for a lyrical expression devoted to recognizing the great work of Jesus. Other highlights from this album include “…and I Love You,” and “Home.” For those who may dismiss this album as a “one hit wonder” they have truly missed the heart of an artist that was just beginning to hit his stride. After two poorly received projects (though decent releases on their own), this project moved him into a whole new level of acceptance and the Church and music industry is the better for it. The only thing I have noticed in Mullins music is the lack of humor that he so often displayed in concert. In fact, I remember the first time I saw him was when he opened up for Steve Taylor and Amy Grant (seriously, they toured together). He sat down to polite applause and said; “Now, I know most of you don’t know who in the world I am…but, then again, I don’t know who you are either!” That broke the ice with the crowd and he then proceeded to perform a medley of songs he had written for other artist including Amy Grant’s “Sing Your Praise to the Lord.” That, for some reason, is etched in my memory as much as his memorable songs. He is missed.

Contributor David Lowman –

1 – The Other Side Of The World – 2:43
2 – With The Wonder – 4:25
3 – Awesome God – 3:03
4 – If I Stand – 3:39
5 – Home – 4:01
6 – Such A Thing As Glory – 2:41
7 – . . . And I Love You – 3:46
8 – Ready For The Storm – 3:37
9 – One True Love – 4:03
10 – How Can I Keep Myself From Singing – 3:51

Alan Arnett – Background Vocals
Reed Arvin – Producer, String Arrangements, Keyboards, Synclavier
Jeff Balding – Additional Mix
Janis Broughton – Background Vocals
Heidi Brown – Background Vocals
Fred Carpenter – Fiddle
Susan Coker – Background Vocals
Scott Coupland – Background Vocals
Steve Cudworth – Songwriter
Lyn Curley – Background Vocals
Keith Edwards – Drums
Jennifer Farrar – Background Vocals
Jon Goin – Guitar
Allison Gordley – Background Vocals
Chris Harris – Background Vocals
Paul Harris – Background Vocals
Mark Heimermann – Background Vocals
Terry Hemmings – Executive Producer
Kim Hill – Background Vocals
Bonnie Keen – Background Vocals
Brent King – Mixed
Wayne Kirkpatrick – Background Vocals
Bryan Lenox – Background Vocals
Lori Loving – Background Vocals
Gary Lunn – Bass
Pam Mark Hall – Background Vocals
Dougie McClain – Songwriter
David McCracken – Background Vocals
Jerry McPherson – Guitar
Marita Meinerts – Background Vocals
Carmen Minard – Background Vocals
Jeff Moseley – Executive Producer
Rich Mullins – Songwriter, Vocals
Craig Nelson – Acoustic Bass
Pam Ourada – Background Vocals
Rafael Padilla – Percussion
Cynthia Ratliff – Background Vocals
Mark Ratliff – Background Vocals
Chris Rodriguez – Background Vocals
Melinda Scruggs – Background Vocals
Billy Simon – Background Vocals
Michael W. Smith – Piano
Billy Sprague – Background Vocals
Melodie Tunney – Background Vocals
Hank Williams – Mastered

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Reunion Records, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Reunion Records, Inc.
Manufactured By – Uni Distribution Corp.
Distributed By – Uni Distribution Corp.
Recorded At – Goldmine Recording Studios
Recorded At – OmniSound Studios
Recorded At – Spence Manor
Mixed At – Mastermix
Mastered At – Mastermix
Published By – Edward Grant, Inc.
Published By – Limetree Publishing, Inc.
Manufactured By – DADC
Glass Mastered At – DADC – DIDX-010100

CD Case Front
CD Case Back

Steve Scott – Lost Horizon – 1988

This was Steve’s second album though I don’t think that a lot of people listened to the first one. I think Steve was well aware of this as this release had 3 tracks from his first album but he did remix them. The CD contained 4 tracks that were not on the cassette version. Steve has also said that there are several tracks from an album that was recorded in 1986 but never released. This album was produced by Charlie Peacock, Mike Roe, and Steven Soles which is quite the lineup of producers. Personally I think you will feel Mike Roe’s influence the most. All 3 producers also played on the album and again you can hear and feel their influence. If you were a fan of any of these 3 guys you are going to love this album. It is easily one of the best albums of 1988 of this style.

1 – Not A Pretty Picture – 4:04
2 – No More Parades – 3:57
3 – Something’s Got To Change – 3:29
4 – What Is The Mystery? – 4:41
5 – Call Of The Wild – 4:41
6 – Touch – 5:30
7 – Shadow Play – 4:16
8 – Wall Of Tears – 5:27
9 – Love In The Western World – 4:57
10 – Emotional Tourist – 3:58
11 – When Worlds Collide – 4:14
12 – Ghost Train – 3:18
13 – This Sad Music – 5:12
14 – Ship Of Fools – 3:39
15 – Minor Characters – 3:52
16 – Sound Of Waves (12″ Version) – 7:06

Bass – Gary Landaker
Drums – Aaron Smith
Executive-Producer – Randy Layton
Guitar – Mike Roe
Keyboards – Mark Tootle
Producer – Charlie Peacock, Mike Roe, Steven Soles
Vocals – Steve Scott
Written-By – Steve Scott

Companies, etc.
Recorded At – Exit Studios

Idle Cure – Tough Love – 1988

The second release from Idle Cure doubled down on their first album. Hard rock rifts and vocals return to give us another great hard rock album. This album featured improved lyrics and slightly better vocals, likely due to improved engineering. In fact I would say the entire album had improved engineering. The album did not include original guitarist Chuck King, who had left to co-form the band Shout. It appears that David Huff (White Heart) providing the drumming for the album and the drumming on the album is very good. It nails that Arena Rock sound from the 80’s.

1 – Just Believe It – 3:49
2 – Barter Mercy – 4:18
3 – Frontline – 4:06
4 – So Many Faces – 3:36
5 – Hungry Hearts – 4:02
6 – One For The Money – 3:30
7 – How Long – 3:55
8 – Runnin’ – 4:01
9 – Draw The Line – 3:19

Art Direction – Ed McTaggart
Band [Idle Cure Is], Guitar [Guitars] – Mark Ambrose
Band [Idle Cure Is], Keyboards – Pete Lomakin
Band [Idle Cure Is], Vocals – Steve Shannon
Co-producer [Co-Produced By] – Tim Heintz
Design Concept [Cover Concept By] – Idle Cure
Engineer [Engineered By] – Dave Jahnsen
Musician [Additional Musicians], Backing Vocals – Bill Baumgart, Bob Carlisle
Musician [Additional Musicians], Drums – David Huff*
Musician [Additional Musicians], Keyboards – Tim Heintz
Musician [Additional Musicians], Lead Guitar – Tim Pierce
Musician [Additional Musicians], Saxophone – Eric Marienthal
Photography By – Michael Seeley
Photography By [Back Cover Photo By] – Eddie Huff
Producer [Produced By] – Bill Baumgart

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Frontline Records
Copyright (c) – Frontline Records
Distributed By – The Benson Company
Published By – Broken Songs
Glass Mastered At – Nimbus, Virginia