The Newsboys – Read All About It – 1988

This was the first studio album from The Newsboys. They had got a deal from Refuge records but it would end up being a one album deal as this album was not well received. Lucky for the band Star Song picked them up so their career could continue. I’m actually quite surprised this album didn’t do better. It’s a pretty good pop album and certainly as good as most of the CCM stuff at the time. I suspect this may have been more of a problem with distribution and/or promotion. Like I say the talent was there and these guys went on to be one of the top CCM bands of all times as far as sold albums is concerned and they are still going strong today. This album included 4 tracks from their demo so if you had their demo this album wasn’t really a good deal but the songs were reworked.

1 – I Got Your Number – 4:45
2 – Listen For The Shout – 3:20
3 – Lighthouse – 3:16
4 – It’s Joy – 3:48
5 – You’re Still There – 3:06
6 – Read All About It – 4:46
7 – Hold On Tight – 3:57
8 – Never Surrender – 4:09
9 – The Big Time – 3:56
10 – He’s Coming Back – 3:48

Bass Guitar – Sean Taylor
Drums – Peter Furler
Guitar – Phil Yates
Lead Vocals – John James
Producer – Tommy Sims

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Copyright (c) – Rock Of Refuge

Newsboys – [He’s Coming Back] – 1987

The Newsboys formed in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia in 1985. They called themselves “The News” but when recording their demo changed the name to Newsboys to avoid confusion with Huey Lewis and the News. They recorded this demo at Windsong Studios and sold it at their concerts. I have also heard that they did do some distribution at local Christian stores also. After it’s release they moved to the USA in search of fame and fortune. Well fame, there wasn’t much fortune in the industry except for the record companies. Several songs from this demo found their way onto later albums as their success and popularity rose. The band continues to go strong today making them one of the longest lasting band in CCM. This recording is from cassette so please forgive some of the poor audio.

1 – He’s Coming Back – 3:50
2 – Listen For The Shout – 3:35
3 – Stand Up – 4:20
4 – You’re Still There – 2:54
5 – Victory – 4:21
6 – It’s Joy – 3:32
7 – Read About It – 4:20
8 – He Died For You – 3:40

Bass – Sean Taylor
Drums – Peter Furler
Engineer – Kim Horne
Guitar – George Perdikis
Lead Vocals – John James
Lyrics By – John James, Peter Furler
Music By – George Perdikis, Sean Taylor

Companies, etc.
Engineered At – Windsong Studios