Danny Paul Wayne – Salvation Song (German)

I’m not entirely positive but I believe this is the first album from Danny and Paul Janz. It is possible there was an earlier one as the church they attended did have their own record company so they may be earlier work. This album however is the first album they did that was released in both Germany and Canada. I also found a reference that it was released in the United States but I am unable to confirm this. Anyway the album was released in Germany first with 8 German language tracks and 3 English tracks. Each version has 2 tracks that aren’t shared between the 2 versions. There are also some differences in the mix between the two. The English version was released by Image VII and Word and it sounds like they reworked the mix on most of the mutual tracks. As for the album it has a seventies folk sound and wasn’t really much of a hint of what was to come from the brothers.

1 – Wer Zeigt Mir Den Weg – 2:57
2 – Alleine Schaff Ich’s Nicht – 2:13
3 – Du Bist Mein – 2:43
4 – He’s Always There – 2:32
5 – Kann Jemand Helfen – 3:13
6 – Jesus Liebt Mich – 2:41
7 – Salvation Song – 3:39
8 – Ein Tag Geht Zu Ende – 3:55
9 – Ein Guter Freund – 2:49
10 – Du Bist Schlau – 3:09
11 – Day By Day – 2:35

Bass, Guitar – Wayne Quiring
Coordinator – Margitta Paul, Nils Kjellström
Drums – Mike Starr
Engineer, Photography By – John Dueck
Graphic Design – Helmut Mono
Keyboards – Paul Janz
Producer – Paul Janz

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Author: Ray Mansfield

One of the founding cowboys of Real 80s CCM. Been listening to this stuff since 1978.

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