Barnabas – Feel The Fire – 1984

This was the 4th release from Barnabas and the lineup remained the same as their previous release (Approaching Light Speed). This is also the line up that would be together until the end in 1986. This album continues their Heavy Metal / Hard Rock / Pop sound. If Barnabas wasn’t known for this sound combo I would probably be annoyed with it but by this album I was used to it. I read a few reviews of this album and was struck by how many said this was their favourite album. Personally after thinking about it I don’t even know which I would pick as my favourite. Anyway it’s another great album from Barnabas.

1 – Prelude – 2:20
2 – The Dream – 2:32
3 – Breathless Wonderment (The Dream Becomes Reality) – 6:48
4 – Hearts – 7:02
5 – Feel The Fire – 5:22
6 – Northern Lights – 3:45
7 – Follow You Up – 5:09
8 – Suite For The Souls Of Our Enemies (Part I – Hammer & Sickle) – 5:03

Art Direction [Art Director] – Dan Lienart
Artwork [Cover Art] – Kernie Erickson
Bass Guitar, Keyboards – Gary Mann
Drums, Percussion – Kris Klingensmith
Guitar – Brian Belew
Photography By – Randy Taylor
Producer – Tom Tucker
Producer, Arranged By – Barnabas
Vocals – Nancy Jo Mann

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Pressed By – Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.
Published By – Lexicon Music, Inc.
Recorded At – Triad Studios, Des Moines
Mastered At – Future Disc

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Barnabas – Hear The Light – 1980

I either forgot huge parts of this album or I blocked them out. It’s weird.

Track 1: Drop the needle, and the first thing you hear is the beginning of “Greensleeves”. Where’d that come from? The first verse of “Saviour” might fit in as a Christmas song, but only on the Lump of Coal CD.

So many lyrics I’ve forgotten, like “I want an angel for a next door neighbor / Hey, Gabriel just might drop in for tea!” Maybe I forgot because you can’t make them all out unless you read the liner notes.

“Little Faith” has an almost Israeli-style feel, but like everything else on the album, the operative word seems to be “almost”.

One lyric you can’t forget (I didn’t) is from what is truly the signature song on the album: “Marshalls and drums! Cymbals and bass! / Get out and blow ’em away – playin for Me! / You’ll be playin’ for Me.” The next time around, it’s “We’ll make all the noise we can, so you’ll believe in Him / Marshalls and Drums! Cymbals and bass! Get out and blow ’em away – playin’ for Him!”

“No More Blues” starts laying down a nice bluesy bass line, but don’t get too into it, because before you know it, they’ve added a punk rock vocal and some hard rock guitar riffs, especially in the solos. I don’t know what it is at that point, but despite the underlying bass line, there really are no more blues in there.

The next track is “Father of Lies”, which lays down a nice little beat that you can start grooving on until… once again, the vocal comes in.

The lyric sheet is truly worth reading if you want to know what the lyrics are. Some of them are really over the top. The sheet includes a short statement of faith and thanks JPUSA and the Vineyard of West Los Angeles. Maybe they even met Larry Norman out there somewhere, but neither seems to be advertising it.

Track Listing:
1 – Saviour – 3:02
2 – There’s A New World Coming – 2:35
3 – Directory Assistance – 3:55
4 – Little Faith – 2:54
5 – He Loves You – 3:20
6 – B.C. – 2:22
7 – Playin’ For Him – 3:33
8 – No More Blues – 7:28
9 – Father Of Lies (A Song About The Other Guy) – 2:30
10 – It’s Up To You – 3:00

Art Direction – Dan Lienart
Photography By – David Randle
Producer – David Storrs
Written-By – Barnabas
Bass – Gary Mann
Drums – Kris Klingensmith
Guitar – Monte Colley
Lead Vocals – Nancy Jo Mann

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Barnabas – Approaching Light Speed – 1983

The metal decade gave us a lot of gems and Barnabas is one of them.

This is the band’s third album, much more refined than their first two. From day one the band showed potential, and with this release the production quality shot up dramatically.

Nancy Jo Mann’s solid vocals shout out over some hard marching guitar riffs and a tight band. Even on “If Love Brings Love” with a piano part that would be Layla’s little cousin, the driving guitars won’t let you forget where you are and what decade this is.

Track Listing:
1 No Freedom 4:30
2 Stormclouds 4:39
3 If Love Brings Love 4:03
4 Waiting For The Aliens 6:10
5 Warrior 3:55
6 Never Felt Better 3:20
7 Subterfuge 5:47
8 Crucifixion 5:59

Bass, Keyboards – Gary Mann
Cover [Cover Art] – Kernie Erickson
Drums, Percussion – Kris Klingensmith
Engineer – Tom Tucker
Engineer [Additional Technical Assistance] – John Hurst
Guitar – Brian Belew
Photography By – Dennis Mabie
Producer – Barnabas, Tom Tucker
Vocals – Nancy Jo Mann

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