Servant – Remix – 1982

This album has a bit of a history behind it. As the story goes, after “Rockin’ Revival” Servant decided to leave Tunesmith records and open their own record company “Rooftop Records”. This idea lasted for only 2 albums when they went over to Myrrh. Anyway upon announcing that they were leaving, Tunesmith for some reason decided to issue a remix album. They picked the most popular 10 songs from the first 2 albums and remixed them and produced an album. The band were not impressed at this but were not in a legal position to do anything about it. This is nothing unusual in the record industry but was relatively rare in the Christian music industry at the time. Anyway that’s the story and this is the album that came out of. The remixes aren’t extreme just slight changes.

1 – Shallow Water
2 – Babylon
3 – Suburban Josephine
4 – Isolated
5 – Fly Away
6 – I’m Gonna Live
7 – Ad Man
8 – Jesus Star
9 – Rockin’ Revival
10 – Cup Of Water

Joe English – Held Accountable – 1982

This was the second album from Joe and he turned it up a bit for this one. There’s a couple good tunes with likeable guitar riffs courtesy of George Cocchini. One of the things that stands out to me is that Joe credited 13 songwriters including himself. That’s an awful lot of writers for a 10 album song but I have read that Joe loved to work with lots of people so maybe that’s the reason. Outside of a couple tracks this album falls right in with West Coast AOR style of the time. The single First Love reached #9 on the charts hanging around for 21 weeks.

1 – Best Things – 3:09
2 – We Live When We Die – 3:15
3 – My Strength Is In The Lord – 4:55
4 – First Love – 3:53
5 – Voice Of Triumph – 3:48
6 – Wake Up – 3:53
7 – Learn To Celebrate – 2:40
8 – Where You Gonna Run – 3:29
9 – Thief In The Night – 4:28
10 – The Best Is Yet To Come – 3:42

Songwriter, Guitar – Paul Brannon
Songwriter – Jay C. Coble, Jr.
Guitar – George Cocchini
Songwriter – Tom Douglas
Songwriter – James Isaac Elliott
Producer, Songwriter, Drums, Vocals – Joe English
Songwriter – Linda Lang
Keyboards – John Lawry
Songwriter – Fred Lewis
Songwriter – Will McFarlane
Executive Producer, Songwriter – Ray Nenow
Songwriter – Don Rogers
Songwriter – Scott Roley
Songwriter – Roddy Smith
Producer, Songwriter – John Rosasco
Songwriter, Bass – Tim Smith

Lyrix – Songs From The Heart – 1982

The band here known as Lyrix were actually the British band, Mark Williamson Band. Larry Norman signed them for a one record deal and essentially just re-released their British album, Get The Drift. Larry apparently remixed some of the songs and it is generally thought that the original British version was much better. Back to the album, this is a great Rock and Roll album that still has a flavour of the 70’s on it. It’s definitely one of my favourite 70’s to 80’s transition album.

1 – Don’t Turn Your Back On Jesus – 3:37
2 – Midnight Diamond – 4:00
3 – All Very Well – 4:52
4 – Susanne – 5:23
5 – Dance – 3:15
6 – Rising – 4:04
7 – Somebody Told Me – 4:45
8 – I Would Have Listened – 5:31

Arranged By – Larry Norman, Mark Williamson, Paul Cobbold
Drums, Harmony Vocals – Mark Millin
Keyboards, Harmony Vocals – Chris Eaton
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Harmony Vocals – Rob Marshall
Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Bass – Mark Williamson
Mixed By – Larry Norman, Mark Williamson, Paul Cobbold
Producer – Larry Norman, Mark Williamson, Paul Cobbold

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Chapel Lane Music
Copyright © – Chapel Lane Music

David Meece – Front Row – 1982

You would swear this was going to be David’s pivot into a comedy career. David is a great entertainer, and as talented as he is musically he obviously loves to tell stories.

This is his 6th of 12 albums and it is an enduring one just for the fun it comes with. The epic story of “Mother, Muffler, Mozart & The Beatles” was one I heard at more than 1 or 2 youth group nights.

Even with all the story telling and entertaining, he manages to fit in 8 of his biggest songs up to that point. The live energy he brings to this performance brings all of them to an even higher level than the original studio recordings.

Track Listing:
Heaven Knows 2:35
Jesus 4:31
Rattle Me, Shake Me 4:30
Mother, Muffler, Mozart & The Beatles (6:28)
(Mozart Sonata A Minor 1st Movement)
(Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band)
All The Time 4:14
Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else But You 2:40
Gospel Train 3:05
Comin’ Back 3:12
Crucifixion (15:56)
(There Once Lived A Man)
(Ten Thousand Angels)
(The Bystander)
(Were You There)
(We Are The Reason)

Backing Vocals – Donna McElroy, Glenda Smith White, Kim Flemming
Bass – Craig Nelson
Design [Album Design] – Barnes & Company
Drums – Keith Edwards
Engineer – Jack Joseph Puig
Engineer [Remix Engineer] – Bob Clark
Executive-Producer – Mike Blanton
Guitar – Brent Rowan, Jon Goin
Horns – Billy Puett, Buddy Skipper, Dennis Solee, George Tidwell, The Nashville Hornworks, Roger Bissell
Keyboards, Synthesizer – Shane Keisten
Percussion – Farrell Morris, Mark Morris
Photography By – Larry Dixon
Piano – David Meece
Producer – Brown Bannister
Recorded By – Malcolm Harper

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Word, Inc.
Copyright (c) – Word, Inc.
Published By – Duchess Music Corp.
Published By – Word Music (2)
Published By – Maclen Music, Inc.
Published By – Lillenas Publishing Company, Inc.
Recorded At – Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO
Remixed At – Great Circle Sound
Mastered At – Masterfonics
Pressed By – Monarch Record Mfg. Co.

After The Fire – ATF – 1982

After The Fire has a bit of an odd story. By the time this album charted in the U.S. the band had broken up.

Interestingly the album charted in Canada quicker so the band was still together. The album is actually a “Greatest Hits” package and includes the best songs from 3 albums only released in the U.K.

Now that the history lesson is done let’s discuss the album. The album has a strong synth sound but I would describe it as a techno/new wave hybrid.

Of course we all know about the Der Kommissar cover but hey there’s other hits on this album. Checkout “Sometimes” for an upbeat fun song. The band has resurrected itself a few times with different members to tour and cut a few tracks.

Track Listing:
1 – Laser Love – 3:28
2 – One Rule For You – 3:24
3 – Dancing In The Shadows – 3:01
4 – Sometimes – 3:07
5 – Sailing Ship – 3:55
6 – Carry Me Home – 3:22
7 – Frozen Rivers – 3:33
8 – Love Will Always Make You Cry – 3:32
9 – Starflight – 3:46
10 – Der Kommissar – 5:43
11 – 1980-F – 2:32

Phil Keaggy – Ph’lip Side – 1980 / 1982

Ph’lip Side generally doesn’t get a lot of mention by fans but it honestly deserves to.

The set up of the album is novel in that one side is acoustic guitar and the other electric. The album jacket represents this by having an acoustic guitar on one side and an electric on the other. A novel approach and idea for an album which I like.

Keaggy’s guitar work is flawless as usual and this album gives us examples of his varying styles. The original album was released in 1980 and then re-released in 1982 with a substitute song as well as the order being changed. The 1982 release has stickers on the jacket to represent the changes. Piece of trivia – Greg X. Volz and Matthew Ward both do some backing vocals on this album.

Playlist Includes “Send Out Your Light” courtesy of Elisha Belcher

Track Listing:
1 – Just A Moment Away – 4:00
2 – Sunday School – 4:32
3 – A Royal Commandment – 5:46
4 – Pulling Down – 5:28
5 – A Child (In Everyone’s Heart) – 3:55
6 – Little Ones – 4:27
7 – Spend My Life With You – 4:13
8 – I Belong To You – 4:10
9 – In Your Keep – 3:28

Backing Vocals – Dan Collins, Greg X. Volz, Jamie Owens-Collins, Matthew Ward (2)
Bass [Electric Synthisized] – Leon Gaer
Coordinator [Production] – B. Charlyne Hinesley
Drums – Paul Leim
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Phil Keaggy
Engineer – Jack Joseph Puig
Percussion – Alex Acuña
Piano, Piano [Rhodes], Synthesizer – Richard Souther
Producer – Dan Collins, Phil Keaggy

Jeff Johnson and Sandy Simpson – Through The Door – 1982

This album was Jeff Johnson’s 4th album though album one and two had a very limited release.

It was the first album where he would team up with Sandy Simpson. It is for the main part an easy listening album with strong audio effects and synthesizer.

The opening track is a vocal story telling piece that is very well done. It was also the first album for his best known song Someday Sunday which he would go on to rework and re release throughout further albums.

Track Listing:
1 – The First Sleep – 2:21
2 – Through The Door – 4:10
3 – The Golden Key – 5:09
4 – The Morning Glory – 3:59
5 – Chan Fang-Sheng (Sailing Homeward) – 5:06
6 – Stuck On Mars – 3:21
7 – The Jupiter Effect – 6:07
8 – Someday, Sunday – 3:34
9 – The Last Sleep – 4:04
10 – Winding Road – 6:31

Acoustic Guitar – Sandy Simpson
Artwork – David Hastings (2), Kathy Hastings
Autoharp – Sandy Simpson
Backing Vocals – Jeff Johnson, Sandy Simpson
Effects [Sound Effects] – Jeff Johnson, Sandy Simpson
Electric Guitar – Sandy Simpson
Electric Piano – Jeff Johnson
Harpsichord – Jeff Johnson
Mastered By – John Golden
Mixed By – Jeff Johnson, Sandy Simpson
Percussion [Seasonal] – Sandy Simpson
Piano [Acoustic] – Jeff Johnson
Synthesizer – Jeff Johnson, Sandy Simpson

Alwyn Wall – Invisible Warfare – 1982

This was the first album from Alwyn Wall though he had released an album in 1977 under the name “The Alwyn Wall Band”.

A member of Malcolm & Alwyn in the 70’s this was really his second solo project. Albums were relatively rare from Alwyn but when they did come out they were good.

His albums had far less filler songs and I find it difficult to pick singles given the quality of the songs. You can’t really say this album sounds like anything. Instead Alwyn offers a style all his own.

This album was produced and engineered by Larry Norman and was probably the best job he ever did in those roles as most agree these roles were not his strong point.

Track Listing:
1 – Doctor, Doctor 5:15
2 – On Your Marks (Are You Ready?) 4:09
3 – Let The Light Come 4:43
4 – Hold On 4:24
5 – Someday 4:52
6 – I’m Alright Jack (The Greed Song) 3:16
7 – (You’ve Got To Be) Doers 3:42
8 – Greatest Show On Earth 4:08
9 – Jesus I Love You 1:42C

Backing Vocals, Engineer – Mark Williamson
Bass – Tim Hatwell
Drums – Russell Caldwell
Engineer – Tim Jacquette
Guitar – Norman Barratt
Keyboards – Dave Morris
Producer, Backing Vocals, Engineer – Larry Norman
Vocals, Guitar – Alwyn Wall

Daniel Band – On Rock (Collector’s Edition) – 2009

This was the first album from Daniel Band and what an album it was!

I remember hearing this album for the first time. While I already had a Resurrection Band album this release was a different type excitement. This album is straight out Rock & Roll and in my opinion Daniel Band absolutely nailed this album.

It is one of my favourite albums to this day and the anthem “I Like To Rock” was played so often in my car, my speakers could play it from memory when the ignition was off. If for some reason you only want to listen to one cut make it “I Like To Rock”.

Track Listing:
1 – He’s The Creator – 3:52
2 – I’m Sorry – 4:19
3 – You Don’t Need The Blues – 3:13
4 – Free From Sin – 3:04
5 – Undercover Christian – 3:23
6 – Two Roads – 2:48
7 – Never Again – 3:58
8 – In The Sky – 4:00
9 – I Like To Rock – 3:02
10 – Spiritual Game – 4:58
11 – Somebody Loves You – 4:43

Co-producer – Glenn Kaiser
Co-producer, Mixed By – Roger Heiss
Cover, Design, Photography, Layout – Neil Dellandrea
Drums – Peter Cosman
Engineer – Réné (Boucher) Brossard, Wes Storms
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin – Tony Rossi
Lead Vocals, Bass, Keyboards – Dan McCabe
Mixed By – Mark Wright
Producer – Daniel Band
Rhythm Guitar, Strings, Synthesizer, Vocals – Bill Findlay